Squad timetable's are linked via each squad heading in the text below.

National Squad

National Squad is a performance based squad where the swimmers are fully committed to training and competing at a high national standard. National squad swimmers must maintain a program to improve their swimming and target Nationals. Swimmers in National Squad are expected to make a full commitment to the training and competition schedule as set by the Head Coach.

State Squad

The State squad is designed for swimmers who have achieved state age or open qualifying times (state sprints is not included with selection process) and to assist athletes working towards achieving National qualifying times. State squad creates an environment that builds upon the competitive technique and skills developed in District or State Youth Squads. In addition to this, swimmers will also begin to develop their aerobic and anaerobic capacities in preparation for successful transition into National squad. Swimmers are expected to make a full commitment to the training and competition schedule as set by the Head Coach.

State Youth Squad

The State Youth Squad provides opportunities for athletes 13+ years with a goal of achieving state times but understands athletes may have other commitments. State Youth Squad swimmers may attend between 2 and 7 sessions per week with the required number of sessions determined by the coach together with the athlete, based on age, personal goals/aspirations, background and ability. Swimmers will develop all aspects of stroke technique, fitness and race skills with a focus on race strategy as they prepare for their competitions.

FAST Squad

FAST squad is for swimmers who wish to maintain a base swimming fitness in a fun and casual environment. Competition requirements for swimmers in this squad are flexible as they are only required to attend a few club-organised meets throughout the year. FAST Squad is offered three times per week.

District Squad

At this level, District Squad swimmers increase the intensity and duration of training, whilst strengthening the foundations of competitive technique and skill. They are exposed to numerous competitions throughout the year and should be aiming to achieve state sprint and state age qualifying times. This level allows swimmers to further develop their strokes and skills.

Development Squad

The Development Squad program provides opportunities for athletes to strengthen the foundations of competitive technique and skills. Development squad sessions continue to focus on the education of competitive technique and race skills in an environment that encourages consistency, learning and enjoyment of racing. For Development squad to progress to District squad, they need to show commitment to training and competition and improve their technique that matches the increased training load of District squad.

Nippers Squad

The Nippers Squad program provides a transition from learn to swim lessons to a competitive squad environment. The squad caters for athletes who are beginning their competitive swimming journey in a fun, friendly and educational environment.

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